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Nurse midwives aren’t just for babies anymore!

Today’s Certified Nurse Midwives are primary care providers with prescriptive privileges in all 50 states. Primary care means you can use your midwife as the primary provider of your health care. Just as a family practice doc, or an ob/gyn, would refer you for any issue concerning enough to need a specialist, likewise your midwife can do the same. Your midwife can provide your front line health care from the time you have your first period through menopause and beyond.

CNMs provide primary healthcare to women of childbearing age including:

• Prenatal care
• Labor and birth care
• Care after birth
• Gynecological exams
• Newborn care
• Assistance with family planning decisions
• Preconception care
• Menopausal management
• Counseling in health maintenance and disease prevention

But why use a midwife rather than a physician? Because a nurse midwife is a specialist in normal, whereas physicians specialize in abnormal. Physician education is so long because they focus on all the possible problems and how to treat them. Of course, treating problems often focuses on treating the symptoms without ever really zeroing in on the underlying problem and trying to rebalance the body and life in order to eliminate the problem. Nurse midwives typically spend more time per visit and work with a client to promote a healthy lifestyle. This alone will minimize the number and severity of health problems.

In my view, you having a healthy, joyful life is the primary goal of your care, whether in pregnancy, birth or life care. This is what we will be working toward at all times. If you are already there, that is marvelous, we will work to keep you there. If you are far from that goal, I will work diligently to help you get to that point where you love your life. © 2011 Carol Roedocker