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What Others Are Saying:

Birth is very private. It is certainly physical but also deeply emotional and spiritual. It is like love making that brings a baby into the world.

Labor is challenging for most women in one way or another. Physical challenges of pain and endurance, mental and emotional challenges of control and surrender, and spiritual challenges of purpose and acceptance are a few of those that women may face in labor. Many women don’t want to face these challenges so they choose medicine and experts to manage labor and birth for them. But women who are self aware and self responsible and tend to live naturally, often want to continue along this same path as they labor and birth. They don’t want to turn their birth over to others and possibly accept interventions that at worst are dangerous and at best interfere with the life process that is carefully unfolding. For this reason these women often choose to labor and birth at home, in their own nest, with loved ones surrounding and supporting them, in a space where they can feel that they still have some control even while they must surrender as never before.

As a home birth midwife, I am there to support a woman in whatever way she needs, whether she wants me to talk her through every contraction or wants me to be there just in case a problem arises, or any variety in between. My presence reminds her what she already knows if she allows her deepest self to be heard. And that is that she can do this. Yes, it is a big deal, and it may not be easy. But she is strong and amazing, just as women through the ages have been and will continue to be.

Giving birth to one’s own baby, rather than being delivered of it, is an empowering experience that lays the foundation for healthy mothering and joyful living.

I utilize evidence based medicine in combination with a deeply intuitive, present style of care to assist families who choose to birth in the comfort, privacy and safety of their own homes.

“The knowledge that each and every childbirth is a spiritual experience has been forgotten by too many people in the world today, especially in countries with high levels of technology.Returning the major responsibility for normal childbirth to an abundance of well-trained midwives, rather than have it rest with a profit-oriented medical establishment, would lower rates of premature birth, infant mortality, induced births, and cesarean section, not to mention skyrocketing costs. Mothers, babies and fathers need midwives to nurture them through the very impressionable and vulnerable period of pregnancy, labor and birth, and the time following birth. The wisdom and compassion a woman can intuitively experience in childbirth can make her a source of healing and understanding for other women.”
– Ina May Gaskin, Spiritual Midwifery, fourth edition, pg12

“Homebirth has been portrayed as a radical and perhaps even unsafe choice in modern times. However, many studies conducted over many years in many different countries confirm that homebirth is a safe option for modern families. Women choosing homebirth have the lowest chance of needing drugs and intervention and the highest chance of a normal birth of any modern birthing option.”
– Sarah J. Buckley, MD, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering. 2009

Statistics & Studies

For healthy mothers attended by a certified midwife (in the US that would be CPM, CNM), homebirth is shown to be as safe as hospital birth (1,2), more satisfying (3) and less likely to employ unnecessary interventions or end in an unnecessary cesarean section (2).

If you, or anyone who loves and cares about you, has questions or concerns about homebirth, please look at the following studies on this page. Also, I highly recommend Ina Mae Gaskin’s book, Guide to Childbirth (2003), and Sarah J. Buckley’s book, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor’s Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices (2009). Or, better yet, come and see me and we will talk about what you are looking for.

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