My Philosophy

I believe with all my heart that women know deep down in their soul how to birth. Just as other animals birth instinctively, women can too. My job is to help you remember what your ancestors have been doing as long as life has been on earth. It has become difficult to make this connection in the current medical birthing scene, so more and more women are turning back to having their babies at home, on their own turf, supported by those who love and care about them.

The same general philosophy applies to women’s ability to promote their own health, happiness and wellbeing. Life is grand. I want every man, woman and child to realize and experience this on a daily basis. It is not only possible; it is what the universe wants for us. Sure there are struggles for all of us. That is part of life. But it is how we view these struggles and how we deal with them that can make all the difference. With a little determination and purpose, and sometimes just a little guiding and nudging, we can all make the most of this journey we are on. This is the primary reason I became a midwife, because I thrive on helping women find their groove… whether in birth or in life in general! © 2011 Carol Roedocker