My Mission

My passion is to help women promote their own wellness and that of their families, drawing on their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strengths.  This mind-body-spirit philosophy includes empowering women to explore and nurture all areas of their lives to allow for the optimal balance of health and well-being. Hence, live joyfully.

January 2020 update: I am not taking home birth clients after May 2020. In keeping with my stated mission (above) I am currently one quarter through Chris Kresser’s ADAPT practitioner program in functional medicine. Functional medicine strives to identify and treat the root of one’s problem rather than simply manage symptoms. I look forward to helping women promote their own health  and that of their families in broader and deeper ways as I progress through this program. I am excited that I will have more resources to partner with women to solve health problems and restore their joy in life.

Website changes (and probably a name change) will soon be evident as I shift focus from home birth to functional medicine. Also 13th Moon FB page will begin to have more content r/t overall health promotion, as well as content specific to preconception health, pregnancy/postpartum/breastfeeding health, infant nutrition for first year of life, and women’s health.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

Carol Roedocker RN, CNM, MSN


Kind Words

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and had you care for my baby and me during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I am forever changed, and so is my family as a whole, all for the better, after my home birth. I cannot imagine having a baby any other way now! And feel so blessed to have had such an incredible birth team – so respectful, supportive, loving, and experience and trustworthy. Thank you for making it all possible! ~ Carmelle

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the services you provide, which give women like me the greatest gift a mom can get – the confidence and security to have a “good” birth. Although my babies will never remember their entry into this world I do believe the sanctity that filled the air they first breathed leaves a permanent mark in their hearts. Our world could use more good beginnings and good ends – so thank you for all you do.  ~ Niki

I feel like you are so much more than a healthcare provider. While in your care I felt completely take care of, loved, nurtured and encouraged, and not just in my role as a home birther, but in my role as a mother too. You have been amazing, and I can never repay you for helping me achieve the kind of birth that I always dreamed of. I believe that everything that you told me and taught me helped in this process…Thank you for being you and doing what you do! ~ Margo